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Weihai city hospital.

  • Weihai city hospital.

Weihai city hospital.

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The easternmost tip of the shandong peninsula, surrounded by green mountains, is surrounded by a national civilized city, weihai, which is most suitable for human habitation.

A hundred years ago, weihai city hospital was born here. In the past hundred years, "city hospital people" with the spirit of fraternity, a pot of life, care for life, health care, dedication to the society. Generations of "city hospital people" with heavy history and responsibility, with the people of weihai along with the ancient city along the way, mutual growth! Nowadays, the public hospitals in one hundred has become a city medical fine suitable scale, management level, strong comprehensive strength, outstanding public service -- -- -- -- -- set medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, rehabilitation, health care as one of the modernization level of first-class comprehensive hospital.

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