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What problems should you pay attention to when using the insulation detector?

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    The insulation detector is an ideal test instrument for measuring the insulation resistance of large capacity transformer, transformer, generator, high voltage motor, electric capacitance, power cable, arrester and so on. So, what problems should you pay attention to when using the insulation detector? Here is a look at zibo hengrui medical device technology development co., LTD. For our detailed introduction.

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What problems should be paid attention to when using insulation detector?

(1) before the measurement, the equipment must be cut off, and the ground short circuit discharge will not allow the equipment to be charged for measurement, so as to ensure the safety of the person and equipment.

(2) it is necessary to eliminate this possibility to measure the equipment which may induce high voltage.

(3) the surface of the measured object shall be cleaned, and the contact resistance shall be reduced to ensure the correctness of the measurement result.

(4) check whether the table is in normal working condition before measurement, and mainly check its position of "0" and "infinity". Shake the handle of the hand generator to make the motor reach the rated speed. In short circuit, the pointer should be in "0" position; When open, the pointer should be in the "infinity" position.

(5) the table should be kept in a stable and firm place and away from the large external conductor and external magnetic field.

(6) correct wiring must be done. On the table, there are usually three terminal blocks, of which L is connected to the conductor part of the measured object and the earth insulation, and E to the shell or the earth of the measured object. G the part that is shielded or not required to be measured by the measured object. When measuring insulation resistance, only "L" and "E" are used. However, when measuring the insulation resistance of the cable to the ground or the leakage current of the tested equipment is serious, the "G" end is used and the "G" is connected to the shielding layer or shell. After the line is connected, turn the crank clockwise. The speed of shaking should be slow and fast, and when the speed is about 120 revolutions per minute (zc-25), maintain constant rotation and read after 1 minute. And I'm going to read it. Can't stop reading.

(7) the table is placed in a horizontal position when shaking, and there is no short circuit between the end button of the swing. The shaking handle should be slowed down. If the pointer finger is found to indicate that the insulation may have short circuit, then the handle should not be moved. In case of heat damage to the coil.

(8) the reading is finished. The device will be discharged. The discharge method is to take the ground line used in the measurement from the table to be short connected with the measuring device (not the surface discharge). Matters needing attention

The above contents are described in detail by zibo hengrui medical device technology development co., LTD. If you have any questions, please visit our website.

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