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Insulation detector

Date of release:2018-03-13 Author: Click:

The insulation monitor is designed to ensure the reliable operation of the power dc system and the protection equipment. Its basic function is to monitor the bus voltage and the ground insulation resistance of the dc system online, and show the voltage value of the bus and the resistance value of the positive and negative bus. When the busbar is too low in insulation resistance, alarm signal is issued, and the alarm threshold parameter can be set manually. Online monitoring device has a branch inspection functions, you can check each branch of the insulation resistance, through the RS485 serial port, detection device dc system can be positive and negative bus bar of the insulation resistance of beam to system monitoring unit.
 ◆ SAJJ30 insulation monitor

  ●Does not inject any signal into the dc bus and is not affected by the system's distribution capacitance;Insulation detector.jpg
  ●It is compatible with 220V/110V voltage grade, and the bus voltage is not considered.; 
  ●Measurement accuracy of bus voltage: less than 1%;
  ●Measurement accuracy of insulation resistance: less than 10% (resistance);
  ●Selection circuit: 1 ~ 30 road;
  ●Dimensions: 126 x 184 x 75mm;
  ●Weight: 0.81 Kg;
  ●It is used to monitor the insulation condition of dc bus and branch road,
   And realize remote communication to ensure the reliable operation of power equipment。

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