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Hr-100p automatic sealing machine (stainless steel)

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Detailed introduction

Hr-100p automatic sealing machine.jpg

Hr-100p automatic sealing machine (stainless steel)

The main features

Taken the microcomputer intelligent temperature control, temperature control precision 1%, working temperature 60-220 ° any Settings;

End sealing temperature range of working temperature set point and 4 ℃, the machine will automatically stop working, and effectively guarantee the quality of the sealing and equipment safety;

Taken the high-speed heating design, a room temperature 180 ℃ temperature only 40 S;

The system is designed with floating constant pressure and pressure system.

The advanced plate ceramic heating elements can be dry, high temperature, long life and high thermal efficiency.

Technical parameters

Speed of sealing :10m/min(adopting the optical control technology to realize automatic control of sealing mouth)

Seal width :12m m.

Please leave the edge :0 1 35mm adjustable;

The strength of the seal: meets the requirements of YY/T 0698.5-2009.

Power supply :220V 50Hz maximum power :500w.

Equipment size :490*260*136 (mm) weight :15kg.

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