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Hr-100d continuous strip printing sealing machine (carbon steel)

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Detailed introduction

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The hr-100d continuous tape printing sealing machine.

The main features

4. 3"(95 * 55m) color LCD display, light touch button, humanized all-chinese operation interface, built-in clock and parameter automatic storage function;

U have five million sealing parameters record keeping function, in USB mode, can through the USB interface of the equipment will be sterilization date, expiry date, POTS, pans, operator packaging items content store to the SD card or USB storage devices, such as good sealing quality traceability.

Taken the microcomputer intelligent temperature control, temperature control precision 1%, working temperature 60-220 ° any Settings;

End sealing temperature range of working temperature set point and 4 ℃, the machine will automatically stop working, and effectively guarantee the quality of the sealing and equipment safety;

Taken the high-speed heating design, a room temperature 180 ℃ temperature only 40 S;

The system is designed to fit the sealing needs of paper plastic bag, paper plastic, three-dimensional bag and paper bag.

The design of the auxiliary cooling system is designed to reduce the waiting time of high temperature sealing to low temperature sealing.

The advanced plate ceramic heating elements can be dry, high temperature, long life and high thermal efficiency.

The automatic detection of the working process can be realized by automatic alarm instruction. Then, automatic alarm or prompt for various faults occurred;

Technical parameters

Speed of sealing :10m/min(using optical control technology to realize sealing automatic detection)

Seal width :12m m.

Please leave the edge :0 1 35mm adjustable;

The strength of the seal: meets the requirements of YY/T 0698.5-2009.

Power supply :220V 50Hz maximum power :500w.

Equipment size :560X260X220 (mm) weight :18kg.

Printing system function

U Chinese, symbols, Numbers, and conform to the YY, 0466-2003, medical apparatus and instruments used in medical equipment labels, tags and provide the information symbol, special characters, such as printing function, which can realize specification requirements of the sterilization date, expiry date, batch number, the operator code pot, pot, etc. All kinds of printing Chinese characters;

The date of sterilization and the expiry date can be adjusted automatically according to the setting.

Taken the built-in printer, the default printer after failure, can be a key switch to the standby printers, continue to work, to eliminate the fault for printers, inconvenience to hospital, printed font clear, width, distance is adjustable, convenient to print the contents of more on the relatively narrow paper-plastic bag, print function can also can be pressed a button to turn off the need to shut down some entries, flexible and convenient, fast;

The printing content is matched with the intelligent assistant of paper bag width, namely, the system will give the paper bag width according to the printed content of the choice, and the operator shall determine the printing content or select the appropriate paper bag.

Note: it can be displayed and printed in English or other languages according to user's requirement.

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