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Insulation detector

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Detailed introduction

Insulation detector.jpg

                            Technical parameters of hr10kj-a insulation detector.

Power batteryThe host weight


Technical parameters


  1. Electrical surgical instrument insulation test;

  2. Detection of the conduction performance of single pole electric knife cable;

  3. Detection of insulation performance of single pole electric knife cable;

  4. Detection of the conduction performance of double pole electric knife cable;

  5. Short circuit detection of double pole electric knife cable;

  6. Detection of external insulation performance of double-pole electric cable cable;

  7. Detection of internal insulation performance of double pole electric cable cable.

*The output voltage:

Adjustable range: 0~10kV (to meet the peak voltage condition of charged instrument)

Output voltage accuracy


*Discharge current:

< 0.1mA   (Test pen terminal)、(Ensure the safety of operators.)

*Range of conduction resistance.:


*Guide resistance accuracy.:


*Calibration certificate:

The key parameters (output voltage, discharge current and conduction resistance) shall have the calibration certificate issued by the domestic authoritative testing institution.

*According to the content:

Can display: output voltage, conduction resistance, set current.

Testing way: 

Hand-held handle type detection, detection of different instruments need to replace different probe.

*The power supply mode:

Portable 12V large capacity battery power supply, the battery life is greater than 48 hours.

Alarm way:

Sound, light two kinds of alarm mode.

Polymer lithium battery,13000mAh。

*Display type:


*Working mode:

Constant current, high impedance, forming the conduction loop.

*Discharge protection:

High voltage discharge for 2 seconds, automatically stop high voltage output.

Size of the host:



*Standard accessories:

Brush probe, ring probe, needle probe, standard electrode connector, alligator clip connector.

*The warranty:

Three years warranty

*:Asterisks represent unique items.。

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